Lizard Tail looks forward to their first full year in 2015

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It was less than six months back when Stoutmeister and I first visited Lizard Tail to preview their opening, but a lot has been going on since then in the corner of this strip mall at Eubank and Montgomery. I sat down with Dan Berry, head brewer and co-founder, to find out more about how things are going and what they have in store for 2015.

Adam: “So how was your 2014?”

Dan: “Lots of learning for sure. We’ve made good headway in the process; I’m really excited for the new batch of recipes. I’m so excited for the new stuff, because it’s coming out (as) ‘That’s what I was going for’. Some of them, the ESB, first shot, exactly what I wanted, well except for the oak, which I’m going to try adding. My long-term plan was to dial in the basic recipes and then I can start playing with it. Hops, fruit, maybe some cocoa nibs in there.”

The plan is for the regular lineup to be these existing beers:

Bluetail Blonde
Horned Honey Pale
Reptilian IPA
Sanddigger Dubbel
Basilisk Brown
Desert Night India Black Ale
Black Bearded Rye Stout
Belgian Wit
ESB (Oaked)
The Berliner Weiss is moving to be a seasonal, with added raspberries, and is being replaced by a new Wit. The amber is being amped up to become an Imperial Red as a fall seasonal. Also added to the regular lineup will be an oaked ESB.


With the core beers dialed in, Dan will be experimenting a little more with the seasonal offerings, looking at some more unusual styles. Look out for a Grätzer this spring and additional oaked beers. Somewhat outside of their more malt-driven approach, they will be adding an imperial IPA as a seasonal. This comes from an old recipe from back when Dan could drink hoppy beers, so he tells me.

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